A Case of Sciatica

You know when this is you. Sciatica can be terrifying, you can feel paralyzed, the pain can be unbearable.

Symptoms of Sciatica include incredible pain, walking is a problem, lack of sleep from pain, cold sweats. Untreated, this condition can result in the need for surgery.

I recently had a patient who was in such pain from Sciatica he was unable to walk. He had tried several treatments including pharmaceutical medications, injections, and physical therapy - none of which were able to relieve the pain in any marked way. This day, the pain was unbearable, so he searched and found me.

With acupuncture, he felt relief in a very short time. I went back the next day for a follow-up treatment, and he opened the door - something he was unable to do 24 hours prior! After two more treatments, he was fine.

Pippa Crawford