Migraines and Headaches


Change of seasons. For those who suffer with headaches and migraines, this can be a difficult time. 

If you work, live, or are friends with someone who gets hit by these intense headaches - it may seem confusing, or unreal, that a “simple” headache can literally stop the world for that person.  Make no mistake - migraines and severe headaches can be debilitating enough to disrupt normal daily life and work for days.  

Most known successful treatments involve pharmaceutical drugs and in addition to treating the pain – also produce strong physiological effects on the brain. Frequent and long term use are not ideal.

Acupuncture for migraines and headaches has been a safe, effective, drug-free solution for centuries. It works by reaching trigger points with hair-thin needles that stimulates the release of powerful endorphins that block pain. 

Treatment during an episode can rapidly diminish the pain at the point of treatment, and continues to reduce the pain for hours afterwards. Follow-up visits will help eliminate residual effects like nausea, fatigue, and sense of unwellness. After that, it’s a matter of maintenance – routine appointments to reduce risk of re-occurrence.

Recently I had a patient who knew a migraine was coming on – she was nauseas and didn’t feel right.

As soon as the needles were inserted, the symptoms began to subside and were gone within 30 minutes. 

She was able to quickly return to work and normal activity instead of being down for 2-3 days with pain, nausea and feeling ill.  And without the “drug hangover” caused by pharmaceutical treatments that don’t always work.

Acupuncture both treats and prevents migraines and headaches by offering immediate pain relief, and long-term prevention.

Pippa Crawford