Post-Surgery Recovery

Pain Management
Boosts Immune System
Stress and Anxiety
Side Effects of Anesthesia

Surgery is traumatic for the body, regardless of planned or unplanned, optional or non-optional.

Acupuncture relieves symptoms from the trauma and helps speed patients toward recovery

Pain Management is the number one focus post-surgery. Unfortunately, the most commonly used treatment in hospitals are Opioids. Over time, opioid usage can lead to increased tolerance, which can force patients to continuously increase dosage, trigger addition, and require additional pharmaceutical medication to combat the side-effects of the opioids.

Additional concerns after surgery include stiffness from immobility, reduced immune defense, abnormal sleeping patterns, and nausea from the anesthesia.

Acupuncture effectively addresses the pain, nausea, stress, and anxiety that often follows surgery. It also boosts the immune system while reducing inflammation - which is the source of most pain and discomfort.

Clinical trials show acupuncture reduces the need for opioids, with little to no side-effects. Many doctors are embracing the benefits of acupuncture and recommending it as part of the patient’s post-surgical plan.