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In our clients' own words...

Feeling well and pain free is what we want for our clients. Here's how we did.


Brian C. I have been seeing Oleg for a few years. He originally addressed my frozen shoulder better than any physical therapist did. I highly recommend Oleg for any treatment.

Kathy R. I have ben seeing Oleg for about two and a half years. I started with massage therapy, then added acupuncture. Oleg is a magician.

Tyler D. Worthy of your trust…Oleg Rivkin practices exceptional healing with acupuncture combined with manual therapy. He has extensive knowledge of Acupuncture and this produces results. As an athlete that suffered from an injury that limited my range of motion, Mr. Rivkin dramatically improved my knee with a handful of treatments.

Gajendra S. Oleg is a magician and really the best in what he does. Couple of months back, I have severe back pain owing to long sitting hours and was barely able to stand or walk. My wife recommend that I try acupuncture and I ended up finding this place on yelp. I couldn’t believe but immediately after first appointment itself, I was able to stand and walk. Oleg’s acupuncture, cupping, and massage therapy were phenomenal!